Body lotion Night Jasmine 'Blue Scents' 300ml

Body lotion Night Jasmine 'Blue Scents' 300ml



The secret to a vibrant, youthful skin is revealed in front of you with the BLUE SCENTS body lotions. With specially selected natural active ingredients such as almond oil, shea butter, vitamin E and beneficial aid of olive oil and grape seed extract each BLUE SCENTS body lotion soothes, moisturizes, instantly absorbed and contributes to the softness, elasticity and healthy skin. Treat your body with the care it deserves by selecting the unique scent of Night Jasmine.

Rich moisturizing body lotion enriched with organic olive oil and Grape seed extract. Its concentrated composition combines hydrating and nourishing ingredients such as panthenol and shea butter with grape seed antioxidants. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, while restoring its natural softness and elasticity. With aromatic notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine and iris, it provides a sense of freshness and well-being. Dermatologically tested.


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