Essential oil Clove 10ml

Essential oil Clove 10ml



Scientific name: Eugenia Caryophyllata. Description: Perennial tree of the Myrtaceae family, with a height of almost 10 metres. Origins: Native in Madagascar, Indonesia, Tanzania and Malacca islands. History: References by ancient Greeks and Romans for use against tooth pain. In ancient Persia it was considered as a love elixir, while in China it was used against bad breath.

Antiseptic , anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, analgesic, aphrodisiac, fortifying, anti-ageing agent.

Against cough, flu, viral infections (tonsillitis), fever, toothache, headache, asthma, stress, insect bites. Prevention and treatment of infections, mouth infections, skin inflammations, sores in feet, digestive disorders (flatulence, indigestion). Provides relief from muscular injury, arthritis pain and rheumatism. Fortifies with energy, mental clarity, emotional and libidinal well-being. Cosmetic use for rejuvenation of the skin, against acne, wrinkles and lines. Ideal for diffusers.


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