Essential oil Lemon 10ml

Essential oil Lemon 10ml



Scientific name: Citrus Limon.
The “Biologos” company uses selected lemons of exquisite quality from Sicily.

Disinfectant, anti-oxidant, invigorating.

Since it is rich in vitamins, it boosts the immune system and the whole organism, improving blood circulation and increasing white blood cells. Effective against stomach acidity, stomach cramps and digestive disorders. It protects against bulimia, since it creates the sensation of satiety from food and so may be helpful in weight loss. Inhaling it unclogs the sinuses and the nasal route, enhancing oxygen intake through breathing. On the skin, it regulates oiliness, reinvigorates the tired, sagging and dull skin, fights against acne. As a natural whitening cosmetic, it helps decrease blotches, freckles and skin marks. It fights against dandruff and oiliness, it revitalizes the sheen and health of the hair. In aromatherapy it is widely used to enhance awareness, concentration and mood, to balance and relax the nervous system, against stress, insomnia and fatigue. According to research, as room fragrance, it increases productivity. It is also used as a cleaning product, while it is an excellent disinfectant for clothes, surfaces and dishes.