Essential oil Rose 10ml

Essential oil Rose 10ml



Scientific name: Rosa. Description: Medium-sized bushy tree with numerous different species. History: Fossils have shown that the rose exists on Earth for more than 30 million years. It has been mentioned as “the queen of flowers” and it has inspired not only medicine but also art and literature. Herodotus says that King Midas (6th century BCE) was dethroned by the Persian army because he transported his rose trees to Macedonia, where he was exiled! Theophrastus and Pliny the Elder also have references to the plant.

Moisturising, tonic, anti-depressant, balancing.

Well known for its exquisite moisturizing quality even on the driest skin. Popular ingredient in high-quality face and body creams. Effective against nausea and circulation problems. It has a positive effect on mind and soul, balancing negative emotions, tension, discontent, disappointment, jealousy, anger, melancholy, and it’s also a natural anti-depressant.
Aromatherapy: 10 drops of Rose essential oil in the special ceramic diffuser for spiritual, mental and physical harmonization and warm sensual atmosphere.
Natural cosmetics: a few drops of Rose essential oil in 50 ml of Wild Rose or Jojoba base oil can restore moisture in all skin types.
Emotional balance: 2 drops Rose essential oil on a handkerchief, inhale. Or, on a tissue under the pillow. In case of post-partum depression, get into the bathtub with 10 drops of Rose essential oil in the water.