Essential oil Rosewood 10ml

Essential oil Rosewood 10ml



Scientific name: Aniba Rosaedora. Description: Evergreen tropical tree with a height up to 40 m., mainly used for timber. Origins: Native in Peru and Brazil. History: References to the therapeutic use of the plant by natives in the Amazon, in the treatment of wounds.

Cough, common cold, fever, headache (especially due to jetlag), insomnia, depression. Popular in healing wounds. Boosts the immune system and revitalizes mature skins: regenerates cells, fights against sagging, wrinkles and fine lines. Effective against skin problems such as acne, dry skin, dermatitis. Widespread use in aromatic massage for the harmonization of body and soul and unblocking: relieves from tension, stress, mental strain, spiritual imbalance. Widely used in meditation, mental concentration and energizing sexuality in cases of incompetence or frigidity.


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