Essential oil Sage 10ml

Essential oil Sage 10ml



Or Clary or Clary Sage. Scientific name: Salvia Sclarea. Description: Aromatic plant with fluffy shoots, with a height of 10-120 cm., heart-shaped leaves and white, pink or blue flowers. Origins: Europe, wild or cultivated.

Powerful anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-convulsant.

In aromatherapy, it depresses the nervous system and fights against stress, depression, insomnia, menstruation pain, hot flashes and sweating during menopause, nervousness, anger, headache, dizziness. Well known gynecological aid against pain during menstruation, birth and hormone enhancement during menopause. During massage it is effective against back pain, stiff neck, cramps, muscle pain. Inhaled it helps against runny nose and mucus, flu, common cold, chronic asthma, and it also enhances concentration and memory. As anti-convulsant it treats bloating, intestinal disorders (irritable bowel), muscle spasms, migraine and pain in feet. As astringent it balances oiliness and seborrhea in the skin. In haircare it is considered as a natural enhancer of hair dye. In gargles (2 drops in 100 ml water) it treats wounds in the mouth and fights against toothache. As fragrance it enhances the libido.